When you cross a finish line.

Thursday, April 23, 2015



You know something happens to you after you run across a finish line. Before my race I wasn’t feeling the whole fitness journey I put myself in. I didn’t exercised, I didn’t run when I was suppose too, I didn’t eat healthy in fact I’d sneak fast food and eat it in my car so no one would know. I’d think about getting healthy. I would pin healthy recipes on Pinterest. I still follow my whole 30 support groups on instagram and Facebook but I didn’t do anything about it.

And then my race was just around the corner. I already paid for it and all I could think was how to get out of it with out looking like I was. I thought maybe I’d “sleep in” on that day or I would erase it from the calendar so my husband wouldn’t know it was suppose to happen. I even didn’t set up babysitters for the kids. I was ready and armed with the excuses but then my husband called me from his work the night before my race and said that he figured out how to go and watch me run before he had to go to work.

That’s it, I couldn’t hide from it anymore. I got everything ready for the race and packed the kids bags so we could leave early in the morning. Ready or not I was running in my 5k race.

That morning we got everything in the car took off and started driving to SLC. About half way there I remember that I forgot my race bib (no, this was not an excuse. LOL) the husband turned around we picked up the bib and raced back to SLC.

I got there with 1 minute to spare and ran.

While I was running I started to remember why I fell in love with it. I started to remember how good it made me feel. I ran harder faster and felt alive.

The whole time I ran I thought about how great it was going to be to cross the finish line and see all my boys there and then I thought about how great it would be to do this again and again.

I crossed the finish line and I became alive again.

Not only have I started to train for my half marathon, I have started riding my bike which I got a bike trailer for. (which turns into a jogging stroller. its amazing.) I’ve been walking my dogs and trying to eat better.

I use to think how it would be nice to come home and watch my shows now I think about how it would be amazing to go to a park with the kids or for a run.

Fitness its always about the ups and the downs. I just need to start looking at the ups more.

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