Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Gunner is going through the stage where he is trying to establish who he is with out Wyatt. He tends now to want to play on his own and will get upset when Wyatt tries to come in and play with him and his toys. You could also say that Gunner just doesn’t want to share. This has been a little hard on Wyatt. He finally got to the point of liking to actually spend time with Gunner. Maybe like 3 to 4 months ago Wyatt would always be up in his room doing his art or reading that I would have to force Wyatt to come down and play with Gunner. When they do play with each other there's a lot of wrestling going on. Boys, brothers. They are just different.

I grew up with 5 sisters and 1 brother that it felt like I never had the chance to be alone. (although my mom says I would play by myself and sit and color on my diapers.) I think about how it is so different for Cody. He has one brother  but they are not close and really he hasn’t talked to him for 7 years. Where as me, I see or talk to my family more then I do my friends and when we all get together is a blast.

I’ve been thinking about that lately especially after Cody's dad died in February (I am not sure if I mention that here or not.) family is just important. It is. The bond you have with your siblings is not like any other and I am grateful that I have such a large family because I always have a sister or two that I can call up and talk with or run with or just be there for.

I hope that these two boys, my boys, create the same bond that I have with my siblings and that they don’t go the route of their dad and uncle. I mean once Cody’s mom passes that will be it. That scares me. I agree with the reasoning that my husband has in not talking with his brother there are a lot of things that he did to us that makes it hard to forgive but that’s between them.

I just hope that with all my kids that they create and keep a bond with each other through out their years like I have with my sisters.

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