Get the Junk out of my trunk.

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Guys, we are like a week away from being on the TV show hoarders. No joke. (okay maybe a little) but I am currently going on day 3 -DAY THREE!! of decluttering Wyatt’s room. It is so bad. I did not realize how much stuff he has until it kept piling higher and higher and higher in the middle of the room as he pulled everything out from under his bed, toy boxes and off his bed. I was like stunned and overwhelmed and really I couldn’t breath in his room anymore.

Do you ever think that? Where when you are completely surrounded by clutter that it takes more to breath. It stressed me STREESSES me out.  By no means am I saying that I am a clean person. I have an issue of throwing my clothes on the floor and keeping them in laundry baskets. But I could go though my stuff in one day and get rid of 90% off it with out a second thought.

But bring my husband into decluttering and then throw in Wyatt. You get a full on 3 day event. Yes, E V E N T. I literally had to sit there and talk Wyatt thru giving away his stuffed animals (which all 30 of them spent their time covering his bed to the point that he could barely sleep on it.)

He was having a full on panic attack with the thought of donating these. He swore he knew who and when he got each one. I had to ask over 10 questions about each one until finally I threw my hands up and said nope you get to keep 10 that’s it. Choose now or I will choose for you.

Talk about a quick decision. He pulled 10 like that. Then he cried for a good 30 minutes before we could move onto the next area. The first day we spent 8 hours. (yes 8) in his room. And we got no where. Expect having piles of toys and blankets and stuffed animals hanging out in my living room so my dear husband could go through them and “make sure that they are not important” to give away too.

I went to work today and when I came home. The 8 bins full of toys were still there and the husband had 1 little box half way filled with ones he would be willing to part with. So we got no where.

We did have a conversation about how this Christmas we are going to only buy 1 toy per kid with a pair of jammies and then get a family and donate to them instead. Because I can not take toys and clutter anymore.

I am on a purging kick and I am determined to to get this junk out of my trunk aka house, life and soul. I need to be able to breath again in my house and piles of shit is not helping.

(Its like this in each room. and then wait until you go into the garage. FML)