Sunday, April 5, 2015


In February I walked away from my job that I had over 6 years. There were a lot of reasons I did but the main one was that I just wasn’t happy there anymore. I would leave work come home and feel miserable and take it out on everyone here. I would think about how if a huge accident happened at work like a shooting for instants would losing my life or getting seriously hurt be worth all the time I spent there? Would I be able to be happy with that fact? Each day that placed matter less and less.

The duties become stupid, the customers were dumb, the managers were ridiculous. The gossip between co workers became the same and it just wasn’t worth it. I came home one Wednesday night and told Cody that I just couldn't do it anymore. He surprisingly agreed and just like that I didn’t go back.

That same week I applied to become a part time substitute teacher. Thinking that I would work very very little and spend more time home. I got the job. The next two weeks I worked two different sub jobs before one of the schools offered me a full time staffing job as their computer site tech. It paid more then Sears. It had better hours, I’d have the summers off with the kids plus weekends off. I’d get off work at 2. It wasn’t retail. I accepted it with no hesitation.

Even though quitting my job on the spot was scary I knew that my life would be a lot more happier once I left it behind. I didn’t know that doing that would actually land me the job I have now. I can’t wait to be able to spend the summers off with the kids but the best part is coming home and being more present with nothing dragging me down. Life is funny.

The other big changes happening is we started our add on! I can not wait to finally get more room in our little house. We are adding on a 20 ft living room with an upstairs that will house the kids new bed rooms making our house from a 3 bedroom house to a 5 bedroom house. We also will be adding on a covered patio (hopefully if the money pans out. cross your fingers) Cody’s uncle and grandpa are the ones who will be constructing it. (with our help as much as we can.) Which I love because the boys have been able to dig in the dirt with them and drive on the tractor with Uncle Brad.

Boys need ride tractors and play in dirt and use power tools. They just do. So for them to get to is exciting.

I’ll keep you updated on the progress as much as I can here but I'm sure I’ll share more on my instagram.

Here's to changes! Sometimes they are worth all the fear.

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