Gunner loves Bella

Thursday, January 29, 2015


And toy cars.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

“A portrait of my kids, once a week, every week in 2015”playingwiththedoorplayingwiththedoor1playingwiththedoor2playingwiththedoor3playingwiththedoor6playingwiththedoor5playingwiththedoor4



Monday, January 26, 2015


Always on some type of devise.

Whole 30 week 2

Monday, January 26, 2015

bettersoreworkout face

Well week two is completed! Phew. On this post I am not going to go into detail of what food I ate, if you’d like to see it head over to my instagram page and check out #audreyeatswhole. What I am going to do is talk about how much this program has already changed me.

First lets talk days 8-9. They were a bitch. I was mad. Hated everyone and everything. I lost my cool like no other and it was over nothing but thank goodness I knew that this phase was coming. it still didn’t change the fact that I was dealing with them and for me they came late so it was a little harder to adjust to that. Then day 9-10 were even worse. I had the most bubbly stomach ever. It hurt, I was bloated I always felt like I needed to poop or fart. It was like the worst period pains you’ve ever had. I was concerned it was something else. But thanks to my whole 30 support group on FB they assured me that it was normal. (also I have yet to have a solid poop. TMI but hey you need to know.)

So after all that junk happened. Something amazing happened. I felt so clear headed, had energy for days. I slept so well and had normal dreams again. I could get up with my alarm at 5am and never needed to snooze it. Some days I’d wake up before it.

I felt like a true morning person.

I could exercise with out any issues and I actually wanted too. I was able to get up early in the morning and get in an hour worth of exercise, cook a homemade breakfast for 4 days straight in a row all before taking Wyatt to school. Were as before this I could barely get up and throw cereal into a bowl before shuttling him half asleep to school.

I also managed to D E c l u t t e r 3 whole rooms this week (and if you know my hoarder of a husband then you know how much of a task this was.) and cook 3 square meals a day.

Can you say tiger blood!!

Sheesh. Food is your best medicine. I am still in shock at how much better I feel. I came into this program wanted to feel better about myself and my health and my body  and I have never been so connected to my mind, body soul before. It’s the most intense feeling I have ever felt. I see it only getting better from here.

I know you also want to know cravings. If I have had them, acted on them etc. Well to be truthful. I have not craved anything really. I actually crave veggies and apple sausage a lot. I used to be one of those people who’d drive past fast food place and want to eat there so badly that I would think about it all day and now I drive past them and think to myself how much better I can cook then that old greasy hamburger they have and how much better carrot fries are. That right there is amazing.

I was a food addict. If I thought about fast food that day I would have to go and get some even if I have already eaten or if I was full or even if I wasn’t hungry so to not do that now at day 15. Is mind blowing!

Goals for this week:

  • Try different kinds of veggies (just tried turnips for the first time and OMG delicious!)
  • Drink more water. I still struggle drinking in-between meals.
  • Work out 6 days a week.
  • Drink a kombucha every week.
  • Take my dogs out walking (not really whole 30 but hell they need to feel as good as I do.)


Saturday, January 24, 2015

“A portrait of my kids, once a week, every week in 2015”watchingdadleavewatchingdadleave1watchingdadleave2

::Watching dad leave for work in the morning::

The window.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


::Gunner watching Puppy Isabella through the window as I got ready for the day::

Mostly Stay At Home Mom

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I’m learning to wake up early not by choice but by necessity. I have discovered you can not be a a mostly stay at home mom with out getting up early. I have these ideas you know. The ones where I have endless hours to spend crafting with my kids and they are not screaming at each other whining or pouring glitter everywhere but instead I plop myself on the couch turn the TV on and fold laundry every day. Or I clean the bath room again. Or I explain over and over again to Wyatt that he needs to share with Gunner.  Or I pull Gunner off Wyatt after he slammed him into the ground trying to wrestle him.

I am learning that if I let myself I will lose myself again in all the ciaos that motherhood can bring because staying home takes away a lot of the “me time” I had. The time where I could think clearly with out interruptions, the time I could laugh with co workers and the time I felt like I had instant success.

I am learning to be okay with mom guilt we all put on our selves because regardless my kids love me.

I am learning that I still have to work on my marriage and that putting him before the kids is important.

But mostly I am learning that being able to stay home is amazing regardless that I have a lot to learn.

So I keep trudging along. Picking up after everyone again, doing the dishes again. Folding that same pile of laundry again.

I wont allow myself to get lost in all the bustle like I did when I stay home with Wyatt when he was young. I have a plan this time around. I am going to get myself out of the house more. Play with the kids more. The real hands on kind where you are down on the floor wrestling or throwing balls or playing cars. I am going to allow myself to have that me time but I am going to make sure that it is more than just TV watching. I am going to move more, feel more, be more. Because I know I can be.

I am learning, slowly learning that I do not have to have someone with me to experience the things I crave. That I could really take that hike I’ve wanted too alone. That I can go to a movie alone. Or go on a bike ride myself. I can do those things even if they don’t want too and I’ll be okay.

So far, its harder than I thought.

Whole 30 Week one

Monday, January 19, 2015


So its been a week. One whole lovely little week of eating clean, exercising and kicking ass and I can honestly say that its been great. I don’t feel overly tired, I don’t crave to much of the processes foods I once loved. I haven't been bloated or gassy like most who are in their first week. But I chock that up to doing a whole lot of practicing before hand. I mean I pretty much ate whole. I didn’t eat a lot of dairy (besides my beloved cheese.) and I tried to eat a lot of veggies before and I also didn’t eat a whole lot of grains/bread/beans.

I did have my self some good old Mexican food a few days before as my goodbye meal. I scarfed that huge enchilada down and felt super super gross afterwards and the whole next two days had stomach issues.  So it was a huge sign to me that what I was about to start would be all worth it.

Alright lets break it down day by day shall we?

Day one: Easy!!! It was like no big deal to get up before Wyatt went to school cook up some yummy breakfast and shuttle him of to school. I even did a 90 minute Zumba class before picking him up. The only hard part of the day was timing the meals. I ate breakfast at 7:30am then lunch at 12:00 pm but then we went to SLC to check out TJs and Wholefoods and didn’t get home until 7:30pm and I was DYING!!! I was soooo hungry! I didn’t bring a snack and normally we would have stop and ate somewhere but I was not about to do that. So lesson learned. Don’t go on a big trip with out packing food. ugh.

  • Meal one: Scrambled eggs with chicken apple sausage, green onions, sweet potatoes cooked with coconut oil.
  • Meal two: Chicken apple sausage with shredded white sweet potatoes spinach green onions cooked with avocado oil with a side of guacamole and blood oranges.
  • Meal three: Stuff spinach Burgers with fried potatoes bits and plantain chips all fried up in coconut oil.


Day two: Still easy. Got up before school, cooked breakfast, ate with the kids. After School heated up left overs which the kids were soooo thrilled about. Did some T25 during nap time, cleaned the house, started dinner early and took Wyatt to karate class. I mean it was a normal day. I didn’t crave anything really, I didn’t eat snacks during the day. It was pretty boring. I did end up going out to a movie with the husband and he got popcorn and a soda and I didn’t. I thought it would have been hard to see him munching away but it wasn’t.

  • Meal One: Omelet cooked in coconut oil stuffed with misc. veggies and apple sausage with a side of apples.
  • Meal Two: Left over stuff burgers from the day before with sweet potatoes fries cooked in avocado oil and a side of bananas.
  • Meal Three: Turkey Chili made with organic sugarless tomatoes paste, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, garlic etc. The only thing I wish I would have wanted was some guacamole or something because when I sat down to eat this I wanted cheese and sour cream soooo bad plus I didn’t have enough fat for the chili so I was pretty hungry by the time I went to bed.


Day Three: Lets talk about the headaches. OMG. They came fast and lasted A L L day long. Nothing helped. It was also the first day I went to work doing this program. And work is a trigger for me. I want Mt. Dew and food court food and the vender machines always call my name. Plus my work uses candy as a prize for a lot metrics they do. But I did great!

  • Meal one:  Eggs with veggies and compliant bacon.
  • Meal two: A delicious burger salad you see pictured down there. It was left over stuff burgers from the other day over spinach with sweet potatoes all mixed with coconut oil and avocados.
  • Meal three: Left over turkey chili.


Day Four: Still had a bunch of headaches but felt mild compared to the day before. It was also a work day. But I still stayed strong and didn’t cave into the junk there. I also seem to have a lot of energy. I ended up coming home from work started cleaning the house, made dinner and then went to an hour of Zumba. Normally on work days I would just crash and spend the remaining of the night on the couch vegging out in front of the TV.

  • Meal one: Eggs, veggies and bacon again
  • Meal two: Left over chili
  • Meal three: Sloppy Joes over lettuce with an spicy orange and avocado salad. (the kids had their Sloppy Joes on buns.) pictured below.


Day five: Nothing out of the ordinary. No headaches, normally I would have napped on this day while Gunner took his nap but nope I didn’t. I was up and about and even made homemade mayo! I will never buy mayo again. ever. I even did another hour of Zumba. The only thing I can say about this day was that I struggled with my work out. It was hard to keep up and when I got home that night I crashed out on the couch. It could be that my work out was in the evening that day or it could be because of the program. Not sure.

  • Meal one: Broccoli slaw topped with apple sausage and eggs and a side of bacon.
  • Meal two: Tuna apple and broccoli slaw salad with homemade mayo with a side of apples.
  • Meal three: Apple sausage and guacamole with spinach


Day 6: I was tired. So tired all I wanted to do was sleep. But I didn’t I kicked myself into gear and sorted through all the kids toys. It was also a rest day for me so no exercise. Thank god.

  • Meal one: Mustard sausage with spinach and sweet potatoes. I threw in 1 TBL spoon mayo and mixed all together. It was soooo good!
  • Meal two: Mustard tuna apple salad. (this was a oops I didn’t plan shiz for lunch let me throw stuff together. it was alright but not really. ha ha ha.)
  • Meal three: Chicken lime burger from TJs over spinach topped with compliant bacon, tomatoes and red onions. The sauce is homemade avocado ranch. OMG! the sauce. YUM! 


Day 7: This was a pretty big day all in itself for being 1 week of eating 100% whole30 but it was also where the family and I went to a car show in SLC for 4 1/2. That means away from my appliances. So I freaked myself out a little. What was I going to bring how was I going to eat etc. But all in all it was fine. I actually felt better then I would have before this. I would have wanted all the vendors food and the smell of it all would have made me super hungry. But I was clear headed and had energy to walk everywhere. Didn’t even sit down once. Where before I would be looking for a bench.

  • Meal one: A huge breakfast. I made a huge omelet stuffed with garden veggies then had shredded sweet potatoes apple sausage and guacamole. cooked all in coconut oil. I figured if I had enough good fat that I wouldn’t struggle up there.
  • Meal two: blood oranges, and a homemade taco salad with avocado ranch sauce and filled with onions, spinach, avocados.
  • Meal three: Left overs from lunch.

*No pictures because well I was busy have fun.

Okay so for my first week the things I noticed was I eat a ton of sweet potatoes and I don’t drink enough water. (only drank it when I had a meal.) I still struggle with going to bed before 10pm because that’s when my husband and I have alone time. I feel super tired by 10pm but force myself to stay awake. So I am going to work on those things. Also, I am currently breaking out a lot. I think its due to my body releasing all the junk. I am not gassy or bloated like others say they are but I think its due to the fact that I ate mostly whole before. I also am short tempered if I don’t eat when I am hungry (aren’t we all) and I find that I needed some snacks here and there. Which were mostly an apple or some oranges or I would drink water and then feel fine.

But that’s it folks. First week completed. When you break it down it doesn’t seem that hard (yet.) I do have a lot of dishes and I am grateful that my husband is a produce manager because he brings home stuff for me mostly every night or it would be costly. especially since I am a throw it all together not really plan it out kind of gal. I cook what I want to eat. Maybe in the next few weeks I will learn to plan out better but for now it works.

How's everyone else doing? any of you trying the whole30 or want too?