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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

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  1. I am a procrastinator.
  2. I enjoying embarrassing myself and others but I hate, haaaaate (and get super embarrassed like hide in a hole and never come out) when people make fun of how I spell. I know I cant spell, leave it at that. Thanks jerks.
  3. When I am mad I tell people I am going to punch them in their face and I wish that I would but I don’t. Cause I could kill them with the amount of shear power I have in these arms. Man, they’re tough.
  4. I’ll pick on you when I really like you (as a friend dude, I am married. get off this. pssh.)
  5. I tend to be very funny and sarcastic but in “real life” I am super deep and tend to get lost in my mind and its hard to get out of it.
  6. I am very artistic until I’m not, then I get depressed and feel like a freakin’ turd.
  7. I love photography. A lot. Its all I talk about really, besides my boys. (check me out on instagram.)
  8. I am 30 going on 31 and super H O T T.
  9. I didn't shave my legs for like 4+ months. One: because I ran out of razors Two: because I didn't care. Three: you should have seen the shower after I shaved. It was gross.
  10. I have 3 cats and 2 dogs. which are all inside animals. So our house is crazy.
  11. Sometimes I am too honest that it gets me in trouble.
  12. I am a computer site tech at an inner city elementary school.
  13. I have very high expectations of myself, sons and especially my husband Cody.
  14. I have been married for 8 years together for 12.
  15. I met him at my first job. He worked in the produce department (and still does but for a different company) and I was a cashier. He had a crush on my friend, I tried to hook them up but then we fell in love instead. awe….
  16. He has manic depressant anxiety disorder, hates big crowds or any attention really.
  17. I am super outgoing, love big crowds and crave attention.
  18. Totally opposites attract which can cause big problems and has but we do love each other. A lot.
  19. Wyatt is 7 now and Gunner is 2 and we just welcome baby Annie in February 2016 
  20. I am learning to be healthy and happy. I have lost 25 lbs so far and hoping to get to my goal of another 25 this year!
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