I belong deeply to myself

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Far off moments seem to take me away to the places I’ve been with you before. I can think back to the time that I started to first study your face. The blanket softly pulled over chin only exposing your rosy checks which nestled so sweetly against my blankets. As you lay silently dreaming. I’d count the freckles on your face. One, two, three. I’d count them over until they began to look like the big dipper. One here and one placed so perfectly that way. Star gazing it become. I got to star gaze while you lay dreaming.

Today as you lay the same 10 years later in our bed with our blankets pulled over your chin I again got to star gaze. Only this time your face was a little older and the freckles a little lighter. As I traced them with my finger and sweetly kiss each one I imagine that you were dreaming of the moment I first star gazed with you.

Were you dreaming of me too?

You began to quietly wake, your eyes fluttering softly as they opened and you squished a little grin out and grab ahold of me quickly. As we giggled in bed together I thought about 10 years or so ago. I belong deeply to myself but today, this morning we belong entwined together.  Deeply together.


You are my universe and I yours.

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