Easter fights

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


There’s something about going to your mom’s for Easter. The Easter dinner she took a few hours to prepare while your dad napped on the living room couch. The Easter decorations displayed through out the house bringing that extra little something to the joy of the day. The way your kids run her as we walk in the door so excited to be at grandma’s house. The way your dad carefully cuts the ham to make sure there’s enough for everyone. And of course your siblings and their kids filling the room with laughter noise and joy.

There is just something about it that you’ll never forget. Normally we have an epic water fight after all the Easter activities are over with but this year my parents surprised all the grandkids (and us) with marshmallow guns. It was amazing! I was having way to much fun to take any pictures but just imagine my parents backyard filled with mini marshmallows and us adults living with welts.

Nothing says Easter then a good old fight of some sort.

I hope you all had a great one. We sure did.

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