Its so worth it.

Sunday, March 30, 2014


I don’t know what happened but somewhere in my mind I decided that I needed a change. Not a “Hey lets get skinny” change but “hey I eat a bunch of crap and I feel gross so I need to fix that” change. It could have been the fact that Wyatt was growing up eating different from how I grew up which was insane I thought. Why, was I letting that happen?  Why was it okay to eat out every night? Or twice a day?

When I was growing up we would have warm homemade dinners set up on our family table every night and then we did what was called “family dinner.” Have you heard of this? We sat at the table with everyone and ate dinner together. No TV, no phones (they didn’t exist anyway Holy… wait what?) and we did this whole conversation thing. Its called talking to each other.One person says something and then someone responses. And then you do that over and over. Do you remember when people actually did that?

Well I thought of that a few weeks ago. I thought how it would be for Wyatt when he grew up. He’d remember us zoned out watching TV while we ate. How lame is that? So I said SCREW IT! Dinner is going to be family DINNERS, at a table, all together, eating, talking, sharing. And I am going to make dinners like my mom did. Warm homemade dinners and so I did.

And then It got me to thinking, If I can cook a meal every night after work then I can get my ass into a gym after I put the kids to bed and so I did.

I did. I have, I still am, and I feel good. GREAT! AMAZING! I am surprised with how much I could do it. How much I could change my thinking just because I wanted it. But my god, its hard. No one tells you how hard it is to not to sit at home and eat a barrel of ice cream or go out to eat and gorge myself because I was use to doing that. And you know what I have last few days done that. I have, but then I feel gross all day and night and I think to myself “Its not worth it.” That ice cream was not worth it, that 3 plate of food was sooo not worth it. Why did I do that?

So then I go back to my veggies, water and one plate of food and kick some ass in the gym. Then I come home crash out on my bed and I count all my sore muscles and think oh man its so worth it. Its gonna be so worth it.

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