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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

For about a week now I have been actually cooking. Like the real deal everything home made dinners. Now I got into this kick thanks to emeals. I have always struggled with meal planning even more when I started to work full time a few years ago. By the time I get home I’d be to tired to try and figure out what we have in our pantry to throw together and cook. So we’d end up just grabbing something on the go. Wyatt has become so accustom to fast food that he’d would expect a toy with every meal that we’d eat even if it was something we had at home. Sometimes he would even ask to eat something at home over fast food because that is how much we’d have it. I know I know. It was bad. 

Then I found out about emeals. I uploaded the app on my iPhone and tried the free trail and fell in love with how easy they made it for me. Everything was on there. What I needed to get for every meal for the entire week. It was amazing, plus the meals were so quick and easy to make that I started to look forward to them everyday.

I picked the low carb meal plan and I am so happy that I did because the food has been delicious and healthy and all home made.  I also made the choice that with this new eating healthy thing that I was actually going to get fit. I started to use the myfitness app (daily) and actually record all that I eat and Thursday I will be touring a Gym. Yep. I am going in on the fitness craze. I have never really be serious about getting skinny well because its not about self esteem or hating how I look for me because I am fine with how I look. I like my curves and I like who I am (most days) I want this because I need to be… my family needs to be healthy. Fast food everyday for a 5 year old. Not okay.

If you’ve been following along on instagram than you’ve seen what I have been cooking. Check out #audreyshomemademeals for all the meals I have cooked so far. I plan on posting a few here and there that we have really liked on the blog with recipes so that you guys could enjoy some good old cooking too. Also add me on myfitness app (email <--- the old blog name. hashtag lolololololol) YAY! fitness!


                              (this has not been a sponsored post. I just wanted to share with you something I have really enjoyed.)

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