wild soul

Friday, March 7, 2014

Shh  Shh, I say.  As I calmly rock little Gunner to sleep.  I quickly place my head on his soft brown hair and whispered another shh to clam him.  He nozzles his head into my neck and breathes me in deep.  We rock in the quite as his breath sets the rhythm. 

One, breathe.

Two, breathe.

his eyes slowly blink, 

three, breathe.

Sleep.  He sleeps.  I hold on tighter not wanting the cuddles to end. 


I could hold you like this for a million years.  Sleep for you is rare.  You normally sleep with one eye opened, not wanting to miss a moment.  You like to be in the thick of things, your big brown eyes watching your brother with amazement as he dances in front of you to make you laugh or when you'd silently watch as he plays with his cars.

You take the world in, not careful like the way your brother did. You are the wild soul. Days with you are filled with energy bursting that its hard for you to contain. You screech, scream make your voice known. You do this not out of being upset but rather out of joy. When I hear you holler like that I know that everything is right in your world.

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