Scooterin’ it up yo.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


So we are trying to be more active in our household which is hard for us. We are a TV, play on tablets all day type of family. So when I suggested that we turn everything off all day and do nothing but be out side or play with toys you could say that it didn’t go over that well but we did it. We dug out the stroller, found Wyatt’s scooter and leashed up the good old dog and off we went to find out just what this neighbor had in store for us. I mean, gosh we’ve lived in our new house for 2 years now and we have yet to know what's really out there.

It was fantastic. Kipper loved by outside smelling and talking (barking) to other dogs, Wyatt tried to do flips on his scooter and hated the hills and little Gun slept.  Me, I felt more alive you know. I actually got ready, put pants on and soaked it all in. Here where my kids making memories like we used too when Wyatt was a toddler.

Why did we stop this. (throws fists in the air) NEVER AGAIN! Outside you are a pleasure to be in.

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