Dad’s tend to have more fun.

Friday, April 11, 2014


You know when your kids get a hair cut they tend to  grow up instantly. Throw in some new glasses and they become teenagers over night. That’s how I feel about this kid now. I literally never see him anymore. Most days he is upstairs in his room doing whatever teenagers do like gaming and watching wrestling. Then he’s talking with his dad about gaming and wrestling and you know stuff that “women don’t get mom.” and there I am out of the loop already.

So I spend most of my time cuddling with Gunner whispering to him “you’re going to be a momma’s boy when you grow up right?” He’ll  just yawn and look at me like he knows the truth that dad’s tend to have more fun.

I always wanted to be a mom of boys and now that I get the chance I am so thrilled.  I grew up knowing that I got along with boys better than girls. I never was the “girl friend” I was always one of the boys. I would do all the mischievous things that boys do like breaking into abandon buildings, riding dirt bikes, and one of my favorite memories, throwing water balloons at cars while driving my moms van and trying to get them to chase us. Which led the cops calling my parents before dragging me home.

Which I thought for sure they’d kill me but surprisingly they didn’t do anything but tell me not to do it again. I think they were tired by the time my rebellion came out. I was the fifth kid to become a teenager, they totally lost steam after my older siblings. Water balloons were nothing compared to what they did.

I see myself either teaching my kids in the future how to TP a house or grounding them extra hard for doing it because I know that TPing a house is just the start it. Isn't it interesting to be on the other side of things?

I never understood why my parents got so upset over little things like sneaking out of the house to met up with a bunch a guys and not coming home until 3 in the morning only to get supplies for our next adventure to find your mom waiting up for you and then have your guy friend come into “help” the situation aka lecture your mom on why it was important for me to go out with the guys on this said adventure only learn that I was grounded yet again.  Come on he had valid points mom!

But now being a parent I see why that was not such a good idea and I am just grateful that right now they only thing I am out of the loop on is gaming and wrestling and THANK GOD I have Cody who can relate to those things because over the years I have turned into a girl who doesn’t get the gaming and really doesn’t understand why wrestling is so cool.

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