Gym you suck.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Gym, you suck. I have been going to you for a month now and I feel like every time I come home I did nothing. My arms don’t hurt, my legs aren't jelly and hey it could be that I don’t know how to work your fancy machines or that I tend to just go up and down on the elliptical doing the quick start which does nothing I know but I think its time we break up.

Its not you, its me. Looking at your boring walls and watching your TV screens aren't cutting it for me anymore and you know what I found someone else. Some one who gets that I need to feel the pain to know I am alive. Who pushes me to meet my goals, who doesn’t forgive my lack luster days. Who turns me into jelly after I see him.

I crave the him now. I crave his pavement under my feet, the wind in my hair, the hills man those hills. I crave my breath being taking away. The moment when I feel like I can not run another step but I do and the high the comes with that is beyond any words I could say now or ever.

I get it. I get why runners do this. Why they run for 26 miles with out stopping. I get it. I finally get it and one day I will be one of those runners but right now I cant wait to finish my 3 miles. So I’ll see you later Gym, I might be back but right now running has my heart and I am head over heals for him.

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