and he sure the hell does not do puppies.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Did anyone ever tell you that having a puppy is like having a whole another baby? My husband has reminded me a lot lately that he doesn’t do babies and he sure the hell does not do puppies. Right now he has both. I just laugh and laugh (inside my head because when I really laugh at that remark it doesn’t turn out well.) and roll my eyes and then go pet my cute little puppy.

She has been a little B lately though. We spend hours outside and then right when we get inside she decides that it is a good time to poop in whatever room we are in. So she is surely not winning over the husband right now. But Kipper on the other hand loves her. I have never seen him so alive and smiley. Yes, my dogs smile. I mean look at the pictures you can clearly see that Kipper is happy to have a friend.

Wyatt is enjoying her too until she steals his toys and make them her chew toys, or his shoes, or his socks or just about anything she can stick in her mouth. Gunner also loves the thousand dog licks he gets from her especially the ones that knock him down. And I mean who doesn’t love that. But she’s cute so I guess we will keep her. For now anyway (says the husband)

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