and just like I got a new job.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

When I found out in January that my position at work was become obsolete I learned that I had make a tuff choice. I could accept a new position in the store, leave and take the severance or stay in the office. I went back and in forth a lot. I wanted to stay in the office but then I still wanted the title of a manager that I worked so hard for. But then Cody said that I should stay home more, be there for the kids more. Then I ‘d go to work and my store manager would say how I could take this position and get a raise which could possible put my on the fast track to becoming an assistant store manager one day.

I had way to many options and I didn’t want to take any of them.

I was hurt, pissed I didn’t care and I didn’t want to care. I just wanted what was comfortable. I wanted my four walls, my desk, my same responsibilities my office. I didn’t want the change, I didn’t ask for it.

Weeks went by and I began to listen to Cody more and more about staying home and keeping the office job as an associate.  I started to believe him. I started picturing my self at home with the kids making pies and playing outside. I saw me getting up early and getting off earlier and be there. I thought about how I could join the PTA at Wyatt's kindergarten next year how I could become friends with the other mothers.

So I turned down job after job that they offered me. I turned down the raise. I turned it all down but each time I did I thought my god did I do the right thing.

Then months went by and I started to get more information about the transition. They started to release the hours that the office would have. What the responsibilities would be and it was no where what I wanted to do. It was basic with barely any hours and if I stayed my office assistants would not have their jobs.

Then I would sit in the management meetings and think do I really want to give this up? I like being in the “know” I like being in charge of something. I like having the ability to delegate. I like it all.

So then they asked me again, and I thought only about what I wanted. I didn’t think about the kids, or the husband or what my boss thought. It was all me and with out hesitation I said yes. I accepted the job as the Lead Soft lines Merchandiser.

Saturday I packed up my office and turned in my keys and then Sunday I started the new job and the whole day I thought why didn’t I do this months ago. I would have saved my self a ton of headaches.

Instead of dealing with emotionally draining problems and people day after day I get to set up displays, reorganized items and I am up and moving all day long. I feel accomplished by the end of the day.

Sore but accomplished.

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