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Saturday, May 2, 2015


The thing about having another little boy after you already had ones is the hand me downs. Not only is it convenient and a money saver but it takes you instantly back down memory lane.

We pulled out Wyatt’s old tricycle the other day and Gunner was ecstatic. He barely touches the peddles but that doesn’t stop him from riding that thing like a mad man. He’d ride it every day, all day if I’d let him.

The other day as they we’re riding their bikes at grandmas I snapped that picture of Gunner and when I looked at it I was instantly taken back to this moment of Wyatt riding his tricycle.


There is nothing like the freedom you get when riding a bike and to see the reaction on both of my boys faces for the first time is in its self a magical. But to see the pure joy they both have on their faces, on the same bike at the same age is just a miracle. That is why I love photography because I get to relive these moments again and again.

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