I know Gunner really loves me because…

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

  • He’ll leave his toy cars at the bottom of the stairs so I can get in my daily toe stub.
  • He’ll dig out the poopy diapers from the garbage to give to the dogs so they can have a nutritious lunch too.
  • He’ll consistently draw pretty pictures on my kitchen walls.
  • He’ll scream or yell at me while I am on the phone with the insurance people.
  • He’ll  hit the dogs with his toys just to see them bark and then laugh hysterically even after I told him not too.
  • He’ll ask me to kiss his stuff animals before he goes to bed at night. Then he giggles when I kiss him too.
  • He’ll run really fast and give me the biggest hug ever and yell Mummmm when I pick him up at grandmas after work.
  • When he demands to sit by me when we are eating dinner so he can share his food with me.
  • When he sings along to his lullabies at night.
  • When he’ll have a dance party with me in the kitchen when I am cooking dinner.
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  1. That is real love right there. You can tell he's always thinking of you.