Boys are stupid.

Saturday, May 9, 2015


Right now I'm downstairs ignoring Wyatt’s pleas to tell Gunner to just stop hitting him already. I have already broken up too many of their fights today and I am not about to break up another one because if I do I am afraid that steam will literally shoot out of my ears. Or at least my head will blow off. You know nothing good will come of it.

Its been going on for weeks now. Gunner won’t share and he even snatches Wyatt’s toys out of his hands.He hits him all the time and does everything to knock Wyatt to the ground. But don’t think Wyatt’s so innocent either because Wyatt will instigate Gunner by purposely taking and playing with Gunner’s favorite toys that will cause an instant tantrum.

He does this just to hear me get Gunner in trouble. I know this to be a fact because right after I scold Gunner, Wyatt gets this little smirk on his face. its just plain evil.

Parenting boys is starting to become very challenging for me. I am contently saying “No Gunner stop pulling off your brothers glass” “Stop pulling his hair.” “Stop tackling him.” “Give him back  his toy.” “Gunner, Wyatt had that first.” “No, that’s not yours.” “ No you cant have Wyatt’s dinner you have the same thing on your plate.”  “Gunner stop hitting your brother.”

“Wyatt stop parenting  Gunner I am the parent not you.” “Leave your brother alone.” “Wyatt stop instigating him”  “Let him be, he’s fine.”  “Stop tripping your brother.” “No, you can’t keep farting on Gunners head. “because its not nice.” “Don’t call your brother names.” “That’s your brothers.” “Give it back.”

So instead of saying no this time I yelled back up the stairs to Wyatt. “Just hit him back.”  He did.

Then they laughed.


Boy’s are stupid.

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