My mother

Thursday, May 21, 2015


I never remember my mother ever being shy or not willing to put herself out there. She raised 6 girls and a boy with so much force that we all grew into these highly independent adults. Who will stand up for ourselves regardless of the struggle that lie ahead of us. If you asked my mother how she saw herself, she’d probably tell you that she was shy and reserved. Which whenever she has tried to claim that, we all laugh and say “What?! No, you’re not!” and then we share the following stories to prove our point.

“Mom, when we were young you use to take us to the department store and hold up the biggest bra against our chest laugh and say loud enough for everyone else to hear THIS IS YOUR FURTURE until we turned red in the face.”

“Mom, one time you took us through the drive thru and when you saw that the worker was a guy you proudly announced to him that we were single and looking to mingle.”

“Mom, you once told us about a time when you were in front of all these people at church that your slip fell out of your skirt you just pulled it off and kept talking like it was no big deal.”

Okay so maybe she’s shy but just not shy about making sure she embarrasses us kids.

From all of that I learned from her that life is not to be taken so serious. That really the most important things are not money or fame but the memories you have together. She and my dad would work hard all year long to make sure that in the summer, or on our birthdays or anytime that something excited happened that we celebrated it to the fullest. That we’d take a family vacation every year regardless if they were scraping by finically because they knew that being together and laughing and embarrassing each other would be more important than the new style of shoes, or electronic device that everyone else had.

My mother, she’s the kind of mother who is on the floor playing with her grandkids, who will get dirty making mud pies, who picks up worms and chasing us around the yard. She’s the mother who starts huge food fights in a public parks just to see us laugh. She’s the mother that has taught me that above all else that going outside of your comfort zone will reward you as long as you can laugh at yourself in the process. 

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  1. She sounds wonderful! And what hilarious memories! And SEVEN KIDS!

  2. I love your mom! What great memories you all must have! And what great lessons you learned!

  3. I Love your Mom too- Your stories about her made me laugh so hard!