Whole 30 week 2

Monday, January 26, 2015

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Well week two is completed! Phew. On this post I am not going to go into detail of what food I ate, if you’d like to see it head over to my instagram page and check out #audreyeatswhole. What I am going to do is talk about how much this program has already changed me.

First lets talk days 8-9. They were a bitch. I was mad. Hated everyone and everything. I lost my cool like no other and it was over nothing but thank goodness I knew that this phase was coming. it still didn’t change the fact that I was dealing with them and for me they came late so it was a little harder to adjust to that. Then day 9-10 were even worse. I had the most bubbly stomach ever. It hurt, I was bloated I always felt like I needed to poop or fart. It was like the worst period pains you’ve ever had. I was concerned it was something else. But thanks to my whole 30 support group on FB they assured me that it was normal. (also I have yet to have a solid poop. TMI but hey you need to know.)

So after all that junk happened. Something amazing happened. I felt so clear headed, had energy for days. I slept so well and had normal dreams again. I could get up with my alarm at 5am and never needed to snooze it. Some days I’d wake up before it.

I felt like a true morning person.

I could exercise with out any issues and I actually wanted too. I was able to get up early in the morning and get in an hour worth of exercise, cook a homemade breakfast for 4 days straight in a row all before taking Wyatt to school. Were as before this I could barely get up and throw cereal into a bowl before shuttling him half asleep to school.

I also managed to D E c l u t t e r 3 whole rooms this week (and if you know my hoarder of a husband then you know how much of a task this was.) and cook 3 square meals a day.

Can you say tiger blood!!

Sheesh. Food is your best medicine. I am still in shock at how much better I feel. I came into this program wanted to feel better about myself and my health and my body  and I have never been so connected to my mind, body soul before. It’s the most intense feeling I have ever felt. I see it only getting better from here.

I know you also want to know cravings. If I have had them, acted on them etc. Well to be truthful. I have not craved anything really. I actually crave veggies and apple sausage a lot. I used to be one of those people who’d drive past fast food place and want to eat there so badly that I would think about it all day and now I drive past them and think to myself how much better I can cook then that old greasy hamburger they have and how much better carrot fries are. That right there is amazing.

I was a food addict. If I thought about fast food that day I would have to go and get some even if I have already eaten or if I was full or even if I wasn’t hungry so to not do that now at day 15. Is mind blowing!

Goals for this week:

  • Try different kinds of veggies (just tried turnips for the first time and OMG delicious!)
  • Drink more water. I still struggle drinking in-between meals.
  • Work out 6 days a week.
  • Drink a kombucha every week.
  • Take my dogs out walking (not really whole 30 but hell they need to feel as good as I do.)

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