shit like this makes me want to pull my hair out.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

It was my first day as a very part time working with two kids and lets just say that they did not make it sunshine and rainbows. I questioned why other mothers do this very job 24/7 with out the escape of work and adults and just plain being out of the house without their kids.

I mean I spent my morning and afternoon sorting and sorting and folding and smelling clothes and doing the thousand loads of laundry that has not been done in like 3 years.

All the while I dealt with a teething 11 month old who only wants to be held but then not held, held and then not held and then he wants to be put down so he can get into everything when he scoots about. His favorite thing right now, the dog dish full of water. He seems to think that it is his to drink out of and splash in. Its great toweling up the water mess every few hours because I forget that I left it down for the dogs to you know actually drink out of.

Oh and what I loved also about today was the sleep drunk fight of trying to give him a nap. That was my favorite. Him banging his head into mine, biting me and pulling my hair I just looked forward to that all day and Wyatt well he is on the kick of attitude galore. Its been fabulous.

He sassies me and parents Gunner to the point that I have to say “whose the parent Wyatt me or you?” and he makes messes after I just cleaned and interrupts my TV watching time and h a t e s what we are having for breakfast lunch and dinner and eats like a bird or not at all.

I mean really he wasn’t all that bad until it was time to go to karate. He lost his shoes and cant find his pants puts his shirt on backwards and says his “tooo tired to move and he look in his room already for his shoes they aren't there mom I swear” even though I stomped upstairs and found them sitting there in the middle of his room with nothing else by them which then made us late for karate and I hate being late

and don’t get me started on bed time.


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