My husband hijacked my show last night.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

You know that commercial. The one where there is a couple sitting on a couch together and the pan over to the girl who is acting surprised at each pivotal moment that their show is having and then the boy calls her out and says “you’ve watched ahead didn’t you?” Well, I'm that girl.

I love me some tv. I especially love binge watching on Netflix. I tend to do this with out Cody because I like to watch it all now if I can and he, well he talks during the shows, reads the paper, doesn’t really pay attention and he will go to bed on time instead of staying up until 3am to finish the season. Plus he likes to watch our shows together and refuses to let me move onto the next episode if he isn't there so I tend to try to watch my shows alone so I can get them done and move onto the next one.

Well he hijacked my show last night. Its been a week since I started watching The Killing on Netflix and I am currently on season 3 with like 3 episodes left and I was watching them last night after dinner while folding laundry and Cody happened to be in the same room as me (putting together a new carpet cleaner for me.) and he started to watch it and asked me a ton of questions and then declared that this was our show and I now have to wait for him to catch up before I can move onto the next episode.


So I am so pissed right now. Because am I right at the point that they figure out who the killer is and and and it was my show first damn it and when you’re married you have to shared e v e r y t h I n g. Ugh, I hate sharing.

So I might skip ahead and pretend I didn’t when he finally catches up to me because I’m that girl.

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