life will no longer be the same for him or me.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Well I did it.

I walked my little man into his first ever kindergarten classroom and then left him there to learn all on his own. It’s a weird feeling you know. Something mixed up of proud, excitement, fear, worry, concern, hope and joy all buddle into one. That all you can really do is smile with encouragement as you leave him in the unknown and walk out. Knowing that he himself is a little buddle of emotions too.


He did good you know, trying to show a brave face but I saw the worry. The tighter hand hold and the nervous steps he took as he walked into his classroom for the first time. He found a place on the table and waited patiently for others to sit by him. He listened carefully to the teacher sometimes jumping out of his chair ready to hand her the papers he was required to turn in. Papers filled with rules and questions such as “are you allergic to anything?” “what's your moms name.” etc. Papers he tucked so carefully into his book bag last night.


He got up last night, came down into my room and slept in my bed until I woke up next to him cuddled next to me. My little baby so nervous about his first day that he had to come and cuddle with me. His long legs hogging our bed, His long arms wrapped around my neck. and his soft blonde hair nuzzled under my chin. What I realize this early morning as I held him close to my chest.

My baby isn't a baby anymore, he is a little man now.


A kindergartener and life will no longer be the same for him or me.

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