I think my husband is secretly hating me inside.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

I think my husband is secretly hating me inside.

One because I am pregnant and the hormones are crazy and lately I have been asking well demanding kisses, hugs and touches every five seconds which in the normal world would be fine because it would lead to making babies but at this stage he gets nothing. Seriously having an almost 8 pound thing in your body and trying to have sex is near impossible and the woman who say its not is well better than me because I aint down to no breathing for a 15 minute love session. So yeah, I am basically blue balling him and he knows it. Sorry dude, you still got like 6 weeks after the kid is out too. So um… we will find you a girlfriend or I will just give you “your time alone.” Whatever. At this point I don't care I just need my kisses damn it!

Secondly he probably hates that with me being on maternity leave allows me to “goof” off on the computer all day and not pay attention to him plus I seem to forget that people need to eat dinner. So yeah there's that too. But hey, at least I can say that soon it will all settle down to like it was and then we will have a baby and it will go crazy again. Ha! Man, I’d hate me too.

This morning we went to my baby appointment (hopefully the last one) and right when the doctor walked in he said “man, still pregnant huh?” Yep, still p r e g n a n t. Great. He checked me and well GUESS WHAT!?!?!?!? I am still at a 1.

Yeah, not excited about that either. What a jerk baby. So the idea of having him in 2 days (when my due date is) is like not going to happen. I better just get over it and realize that I could possibly be pregnant the rest of my life and that really Gunner is not anything but an alien in my belly to hunt me and make me crazy. Because at this point that is exactly what is happening. I am going crazy.

We also took Cody to a chiropractor because of his neck “pain” and I am sooooo happy for him that he feels better now and is back to normal in the matter of 15 minutes. Yeah he sucks and I am secretly hating him now because god damn it get this kid out of me!

Can I just say, that I know most of you might be sick of me telling you how I am tired and done being pregnant blah blah blah and that this is a blessing and some people cant get pregnant, well I get that. I do. I understand that. Last year I felt the same thing about wanting to be pregnant and I am now upset that I am.

I am just physically tired, worn out and this pregnancy has not been how I thought it would be and well that has thrown me off so I'll most likely keep complaining out how I want Gunner to be here and to go back to my normal body issues because well first I am excited to see another little baby and second I wont be pregnant anymore. So just deal with my issues okay?

And if you are one of those wanting to be pregnant people. I hope it happens and that you get to experience all the joy and all the pain that comes from carry a baby in your womb for 10 months. Because it is amazing. Seriously amazing… cause look how amazing you will look while you are 9 months pregnant. Absolutely gorgeous.



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