His last hurrah.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


The last couple of weeks have been a little hard for Wyatt. I was working a ton to make sure my office would (hopefully) run smooth when I was gone on maternity leave. Cody was doing the same but for stress of having our income cut due to me going on maternity leave. (Half a check is better then no check right?) So Wyatt was left with two over tired stressed parents who wanted nothing to do but sit when they got home. So he has been acting out a little. And for Wyatt acting out means “talking back” to us and demanding things instead of asking nicely. We have even had cry tantrums. Which if you know Wyatt is a shocker because I don’t remember the last time or if there was even a time that he had a tantrum.

So late at night Cody and I would talk about what we needed to do for Wyatt to make it not so hard on him and we came up with a plan.  I traded shifts with a co-worker  last Thursday which are normally Cody’s day off and Wyatt’s preschool day.

Our plan was to pick him up from preschool and “pretend” to run errands but instead we will be taking him on the train to SLC and head downtown to the most amazing children's museum and also go to the planetarium.

So Cody and I talked to Wyatt the days before and told him how much errands we would have and things to do and that on our days off we wont be able to go anywhere fun or do anything but those because Gunner’s coming soon and we need to make sure that we are ready… blah blah blah. We did this because we wanted him to be super surprised and have no idea what are plans actually were.

When it came time Cody and I’s excitement was through the roof. We picked Wyatt up from his school and I told him how we needed to go to this place before we go home because Blah blah blah and Wyatt just broke down and starting crying and he kept saying “I don't want to do this noooo!” I tried so hard not to laugh and so did Cody. We started to drive and Wyatt was pouting in the back set and then we got closer and closer to the train station and Wyatt started asking “Why are we going here what’s happening mom?” We pulled into the train station and the train was already there and I told him that we had to hurry and catch the train because you are going on a surprise!!

He couldn’t unbuckle his car seat fast enough. He got out and started running to the train! It was the best feeling to see him so happy. The whole ride to SLC he kept trying to get us to tell him what else we were doing and he kept guessing and he was glued to the window and would get super excited when we’d go under bridges. It was amazing.

It was more amazing when we got the the museum which is where he has been asking to go to for months now. He couldn’t stop running from one place to the other playing with all the toys. It was awesome. But what was even cooler was when we took him to the planetarium.

Wyatt has been in a scientist kick lately so taking him the planetarium was the cherry on top to the whole day. He was in awe. He got to see all the planets, all the stars and even got to walk on the moon and mars. Then we let him have at it in the gift shop. We came home with a ton of different kind of rocks, a space kit for his room and glow and the dark stars. He was one lucky kid and I am happy that Cody and I did that for him. It will be his last hurrah as the only kid.

He’s talked about it for days now and has his rocks nicely displayed in his room. It was something he needed for sure and I am glad that we did that. Less than 5 days (hopefully) until Wyatt will no longer be the only child.

(above are the instagram photos of that day. 1. was us checking on Gunner at his baby appointment we had early that morning. (he wasn't kicking enough for the doctors liking but everything was and is still fine.) 2. is me super Prego and I could barely walk to the car by the end of the night 3. Cody and Wyatt walking downtown to the museum 4. Wyatt at the museum in the “grocery store” acting like daddy 5. Wyatt at the planetarium on the moon looking down at earth  6. Wyatt waiting for the train to take us back home with the biggest grin ever. )


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