21 days to make a habit and I have plenty of those days to make it a possibility.

Friday, September 6, 2013


While on maternity leave I have huge plans to better not only myself but my family as well. I feel like this past year I kind of lost what I and we were all about. I found myself questioning everything about not only myself but my family. I talked on here a lot about how I didn't want to work where I do anymore and how it was making me feel negative all the time.  How the mom guilt took over and how Wyatt and I’s days were spent more doing errands then actually playing with each other. The only good thing this year I can say is that Cody and I have been getting along which in past years were not always true.

I tend to be an over thinker and feeler. I expect a lot out of people and demand that they are like me in everything I feel and do. So when those fall short its hard for me to not get upset. So when it came down to me being able to actually have 8 weeks leave from work where I would be home to take care of baby Gunner I also told my self that I was and am going to go back to the basics and fix and organized my house hold.

So far the first steps I have taken was to go back to blogging. I know some people think well how is that going back to the basics. Well, this is my journal. This is a place that I can come and vent and talk and do what I need to do to clear my mind and hopefully have someone out there in the world that gets it.

The next step is that I made a chore chart for Wyatt and also one for Cody and I. I am determined that keeping my house clean will be a good step towards feeling positive. A clean home is a happy home right? I am not going to let the clutter pile up like we have. For example today, I actually made real food which made me have dishes and normally I would just throw them in the sink and move on but today I didn’t. I actually put them in the dishwasher and then proceeded to clean off the counters. Wow… big step for me.

The others things I want to hopefully accomplish is eating right and losing weight.  This one scares me. We are a family who goes out to eat everyday or we just pop something in a microwave and the veggies and fruit we eat are scarce. Mostly whatever Cody decided to bring home from work that day and really it’s just Wyatt that eats it.

My sister bought the insanity work out and she is going to let me borrow the weeks she has completed so cross your fingers that I actually stick to it. I figured if I can get myself into shape than the family will follow suit. Plus with us having half my income eating out will not be possible. So I need to figure out meal plans and be smart about it all. And I wont have work as an excuse to use. I will be home and able to work out. Eeeee… this one will be tuff for me. But I keep thinking how nice it will be to actually lose all the baby weight plus the weight I had on before and to move and have fun with Wyatt and Gunner will be just a plus.  I can do this… I can do this…

And the last thing getting back into my photography groove. Oh how I miss it.

I know that a lot of this is about me but I can only control myself (right?) and if I can get me back to what I should be then everyone else hopefully will follow. It takes 21 days to make a habit and I have plenty of those days to make it a possibility.


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