Any day now sounds like a good date to me.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Cody has a paper route he does early in the morning for extra cash. He has been doing this for years now. The other day when he was out on his route he pinched a nerve in his back carry the heavy bag. The reason I am letting you all know this is that I find it to be quite funny. He has been a big mope complaining about how much it hurts and how he can’t really move and all I can think of is HA! Now you know what I have been dealing with for 9 months. I am to the point that I literally have to have Wyatt or Cody push me out of bed if not I have to roll and fall off the bed to get up.

How crazy. I keep saying I was never this way with Wyatt…  wait I was going to tell you how I was working full time on my feet still with Wyatt at this time but you know I just realized that around this time when I was pregnant with Wyatt I was actually in labour. What? Omg. I was 3 days early with Wyatt.  Maybe…. just maybe I will go into labour today.

I have been cleaning like mad today. Isn't that a sign that something will be happening? So far I have clean, like DEEP cleaned my kitchen and now I am onto the bathrooms. I have also packed our bags for the”big day” and folded all the laundry, cleaned the crap out of Wyatt’s room and organized Gun’s room. 


Maybe today could be the day. September 4th does sound like a good day to come into the world to me Gunner. Right? Its a good date. Hey you know what even September 5th sounds like a good one too, Gunner. Really a n y d a y now sounds like a good date to me. GET OUT OF ME ALREADY!

3 days until my due date. 3 days… 3 days…


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