Happy stuff.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


  1. Getting a new bra. I'm I right ladies? Getting my lovelies off my knees is pure heaven but not as good as letting them fall braless after a long day strapped up.
  2. Getting to go on a fabulous date with the husband the other night.
  3. Having a great outing with a new friend.
  4. Getting a great new leather book bag to hold my DSLR camera in. Plus diapers and wipes and everything that comes with having kids.
  5. My new jean leggings and they’re amazing and a smaller size then what I normally wear (yay for loosing weight!) and my husband grabs my ass when I wear them.
  6. Those pictures above. They are amazing portrayal of my kids relationship  and I used my 50 lens which I haven't used in forever and I fell in love with it again.
  7. Wrapping my gifts I purchase for my husband. I can’t wait for him to see them.
  8. Cooking. Oh, I have been whipping up some great whole food in my kitchen!
  9. Dreaming about the add on we are doing on the house in the spring. The space and new walls to add things on and paint. so many ideas.
  10. Blogging. I am loving blogging again.

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