That’s what's important.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Can I just tell you, that right now all I want to do is become a crunchy granola eating gardening women who does nothing but soak in the sun, rake the leafs and weed until my finger nails are filled to the brim with dirt.

I don’t know what it is but lately this working retail corporate demanding job just sucks not because I hate it because I don’t but because it takes everything out of me. I never have time to clean my house or spend the mornings feeling the breeze on my checks. Most days I could be at work and have no idea that it was raining all day until I walk to my car to go home and that’s just sad.

I envision my self outside watching my kids as they explore until the sun sets and all that’s on the agenda is doing nothing but that. I want that simple life. The less distraction life. The not working until there is nothing left for someone else's life.

I want those adventures, the imaginations, the time to do nothing but everything all at the same time. I want simple. I want my kids to know what it would be like to not have to compete in the “real world” and sell your soul for something that doesn’t get you anywhere but far away from your home and family.

Corporate retail jobs man, they take everything from you and give not a whole lot back.

If we could afford it with out the stress of money I think I would now do it. Stay home, be simple, be here see them all day every day and have great outside adventures.

That’s what's important not selling a pair of soaks to old grumpy ladies.


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