FYI, alligator dog treats makes your dogs have rancid farts.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

So I picked up some dog treats at Sam’s Club the other day with out reading exactly what I picked up and what’s even worse is I just handed them out free willy to both of my dogs with out a care in the world. I was like “you get a treat! you get treat and why we are at it you can have even more of these treats!” (Picture me throwing handfuls in the air as my dogs danced around me in excitement because that’s what I did. )


Now I only discovered that these treats were made of alligator meat when I ran to look at the label because not even 15 minutes later after my epic free for all treat hand out, my dogs had some rancid farts. Like I mean you need a gas mask and also need to be sealed into a bubble miles away to get rid of the smell. It was that bad and I haven't given them those treats for a few days now but they still are having some serious gas issues. (gross gross grooooossss)


So what am I to do with this huge over sized bag of alligator meat dog treats? Any ideas? Because I fear if I burn it it will make my whole city smell and if I keep it down stairs in my food storage area my food could possible start tasting like that too. So if you don’t care that your dogs have some epic gas I will freely give the whole giant bag to you.


Any takers?

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