Money Sucks

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I am struggling with the work life balance bit in my life. I cant seem to get a grip on how to know which is more important. I love being able to get out of the house and work. I love my office, the job and the over all social time I get. But then I get home and I see the laundry still unfolded the dishes left in the sink and my little man saying “momma when is it you and me day?” and then I feel like I am a failure. That I am not a good mom and that my 8-10 hours away from home, away from Wyatt were completely pointless.

Here I am working to provide with my husband a home that Wyatt can grow up in, to provide the adventures we have, to provide clothes, food, and the basics.

If I didn't work, we wouldn't make it.

If I didn't work full time we still wouldn't make it.

Being able to make money is taking away that time I want to have with my son. Money is making me feel like I am not a good mom.

Money sucks.

Then the other day I watched THIS and listened to his words very closely. I listen to his story of the day he picked up his son and how he went out on a simple trip that was the best day of his sons life which made me realize that I do that same thing.

I make sure that on the days I have off I am completely, fully there for Wyatt.

I plan trips, outings and moments that are shared with only us so he knows that he is important to me.

And Wyatt isn't asking when my next day off is to make me feel bad, he is asking me because he knows that we will be together fully and completely.

So I will continue to leave work early some days to just be with him a little longer because I miss him. I will continue to have those day off adventures because money will always suck and I will always have to work.

But that doesn't mean that I am a bad mom it just means I have to be a little more on the moments I do share with him and I am okay with that.

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