7 Steps for better Instagram photos

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I admit I use my iPhone as my main camera more then I use my dslr camera. The main reason is because its small enough to stick in my pocket, always available and I am an instagram-oholic.

So today I thought I would share my tips and tricks to get amazing photos from your iPhone. I hope you use them to your advantage.

1. Never use the instagram camera. I notice that when I have used the instagram camera the quality is well, crap, grainy. plus you cant take multiple shots. So your stuck with that imagine until you load it to instagram.

2. Hold your phone like you would hold your camera. With two hands. The more steady you hold it the better the image will be.

3. Find the perfect light. Its just the same as when taking photos with your dslr. you look for that perfect light. do the same thing with your iPhone. The better the light, the better the picture. (you could use a tripod even.)

4. DONT ZOOM. ever. You will lose heaps of quality and your photo will be extremely pixelated and grainy even if its just a tiny bit zoomed. If you want a close up picture go closer to the object. period.

5. Clean the lens often. (duh)

6. Look for different perspectives. I know when I shoot with my dslr camera I take the time to find a different way to look at what I am shooting. I do the same with my iPhone. shoot from below, from up high, from a different side. Shoot multiple times to get the photo that looks the best to you. (you can always delete and start over.)

7. Use other photography apps to process your imagine.

The main apps I use to process my iPhone photos are:

  • AfterLight: You can do everything you need add filters, sharpen, add textures. My go to app.
  • Vscocam: This is my all time favorite filter app. Comes with 10 different filters (now more since updated) that you then can adjust to your liking. Love this app! Love it!
  • Snapseed: Worth every penny. You can adjust everything! I mean EVERYTHING
  • Picfx: Its an all in one place for filters, textures light and so much more..
  • Over: The best app to add words to your photos. Gives you a ton of fronts and options to adjust the opacity of them.

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I hope this inspires you to take more amazing photos with your camera phone and if you are not following me yet on instagram please do.

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