crawling out of the first trimester blues

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

(blob at 13 weeks.)

I am finally crawling out of the first trimester blues. You know where you don’t want to do anything but sleep, throw up, pee and have the AC on high because growing a human is hot, sweaty, almost always pee your pants when you sneeze kind of work. I keep telling Cody that I am so grateful that I am not 8 months pregnant in this hot summer like I was with the boys because my god if I cant handle it at this stage I would have surely died then.

I am currently unable to eat anything. Not because I throw up or get nauseated but because I crave nothing. Anything but overly ICED water sound awful and I would rather go hungry. I don’t because then I get shaking and hot and well non functional if I don’t somehow get food into my belly. So I manage to force myself to eat something. I do know that the kid hates cheese. I always throw up after I eat cheese. Which if you know me, I am a cheese lover and will put it on anything and everything so I curse this kid already.

She well “it” is a little stinker because when we were at the doctors appointment the other day to you know FIND OUT WHAT IT IS. It decided that it would be a good time to sleep with it’s little butt in the air and refuse to move. It was just all snuggled in there with it’s hand up to it’s face sleeping away like we weren't waiting for the big revel of a girl that I so need in a house full of boys. So you know, its most likely a boy whose playing hide and seek. My bet is that we won’t get to find out what it is until we’re almost due. And that somehow it is indeed a boy and this girl fantasy that I have is just that, a fantasy.

I’ll take a boy though. I might cry a little bit because this is the last pregnancy (it is really, gonna tie up those tubes.)and I will never know what it would be like love a little girl.

But all in all the pregnancy is a lot easier than it was with the boys. I finally got my energy back and have been able to go out on walks with the kids with out feeling like I am going to die if I take another step. And I have been napping less. (going to bed earlier though) which is nice because I felt like I was a hermit hiding in the house and the poor boys were thrilled when they saw what outside looked like for more than a few minutes before I pulled them back inside. So I’d say they’re happy that we can do more than watch Netflix as I take a nap on the couch. I am too actually.

Here’s to the second trimester! May it be filled with enough energy to get me through the day.

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