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Thursday, August 13, 2015


Getting measured by the clerk at Dillard's always makes me self-conscious for one reason only. I am a 1 bra only type of girl. I wear the same bra over and over until its hanging on by the last thread. Not because I don’t wish to have many sexy bras. Believe me, I do. I would love to be wearing some naughty lingerie on the nightly not only for the husband but for myself. But instead, I am stuck in my one bra where it only has one underwire left, holes on the sides and it smells, well not great.

Why you must ask? Because plus size bras are uber expensive. The nice ones anyway. And to find them at any store is always a challenge. I normally only find one by luck and never take the time to search for more online. Because lets be honest, I am too lazy to purchase it online, try it on and then have to return it because it doesn’t fit right or its ugly. That is way too much work for me.  That’s how I become a one bra girl.

Now, being pregnant on top of going in and getting measured always makes me cringe. Here I am standing in a dressing room in all my over weight pregnancy glory with my tattered bra hanging off my saggy boobs. As she wraps her arms around me with a measure tape. And each time I go in to get measured I go up in size. (mind you, I tend not go for a year or more because I dread it.)

Today, as we walked back there. I blurted out that I was like 6 months pregnant (which nope, just 4 months) and I’ve wore the worst bra ever today because hey its laundry day so don’t mind the look of it. Which she just nods knowing full well that this was my only one. Maybe thinking that I was lying about being pregnant. Because hey in all reality I look fat to other people and only pregnant to me.

She did her thing and walked out to go find me a size that would hopefully work. About 10 or so minutes later she walks in and helps me put on the bra she found. She then left and came back with another lady who they both proceeded to whisper to each other as they were pressing the bra down here and tucking it there.

Finally they said, Yep this one wont due. Its is a 44 H and you are a 44 I. We don’t carry that one here yet, not until September.

What?! I went from a size 42 G to a 44 I in one year. Insert the shock now  They left and told me to wait that they will try and find something that will work until then.

They came back with the most boring thick strapped fat girl bra ever. Squeezed me into it and explained that they went to a 40 H full coverage because that will be the best one until I can come back for the other.

And that is why 60+ dollars later I own 1 bra that barely fits.

What is even more fun? Is finding a nursing bra in that size. That one I will have to look online and I will settle for the one I get because hey, returning it will be a bitch.

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