the old garbage bag trick

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Well I did it, I pulled the old garbage bag trick on Wyatt. You know the one where you are so fed up with his toys all over  his room and you’ve asked and asked him to clean day after day and it never happens that  you finally take a huge garbage bag to his room and stuff all his toys that he didn’t clean in to it to get him to actually care about them and finally clean. Yeah, I did that.

and it worked.

He screamed and cried at every toy I stuffed in that bag but at the end of my stuffing he begged, pleaded with me to give him another chance that he will pick it all up he sweeeaarrs this time so I did I gave him 1 hour timed to clean his room including the bag I filled and that if it wasn’t clean when the timer went off that, that was it. No more chances.

I walked down stairs finished folding the laundry and listen to him sike him self up. “Wyatt you got this mom let you have these back but you have no time to cry about it now you have to hurry it pick everything up. I got this man, oh I better not loose Scooby do, or this toy and this one etc.”

and guess what, after an hour his room was cleaner than it has ever been. Plus he was so proud of himself that all day he talked about how fast and clean his room was. How he couldn’t believe he could do it that fast.

It was a great teaching moment. I just hope it works when he is 16 because who knows what he’s room will look like then.


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