Check your self so you don’t wreck yourself

Friday, May 16, 2014

You know what happens when you don’t run for two weeks and not really care about what you eat a whole lot of nothing but laziness. But then when you check your self so you don’t wreck yourself and start to run again yeah, you about die. You can’t seem to run like you did before and all that training you did before was wasted because you wanted to eat Arbys for 5 days and sit on your ass in front of a tv so you curse yourself on every step because it wasn’t worth it. oh man how it wasn’t worth it.


But you keeping running anyway. Then you take the family and dogs on a  walk later that night then you go out again the next morning and run again and eat way better and you just plain start over because that’s all you can do.

Here’s to a new week and better habits.

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