Five things on a Friday

Friday, November 8, 2013

Since its Friday I figured why not share some five on Friday life details with you.

ONE //

I finally got my doctors note too actually return to work so I head in there today for a lovely night shift. Whoopee. (can you since the sarcasm. ) This extra week of maternity leave has been nice though. I did nothing but spend more time with my babies, semi clean my house, burn grill cheese sandwiches and watch a whole lot of TV.

Two //

I turned down a promotion at work which included a raise. Even though I wrote here about how I am a better mom when I work. I didn't think it would be a good idea to spend even less time with them. So I turned it down. It was hard to say no to more money though.

Three //

I will be turning 28 on Monday. TWENTY EIGHT people. I am almost thirty.  That is so strange to me. I can say that I am happy with where I am in life though. I am happy to have 2 kids, married and a career that I enjoy but my god being 28 will be different. I wont even really celebrate my birthday because the normal family party we have for birthdays will be Gunner’s blessing day so we will be celebrating his life more than mine that day. Which really I am okay with.

Four //

I told Cody that I would love to move out of state. I am yearning for a new adventure even though I just had a baby I need some new scenery. I told him we should pack up and move to Oregon. Wouldn’t that be a gorgeous place to live? While he likes the “idea” of it I doubt we will ever make the jump and do it. He’s never lived any where but Utah.

Five //

My mom made Gunners blessing outfit and we started talking about how she should start up an Etsy shop. Because she gots some skills people. So we are currently working towards working together on opening up one for her. She will be specializing in sewing children's clothing. I will be so excited to share it with all of you once we are in the opening stages but until then if you have ideas on what types of kids clothes you like let us know. We would love some ideas!

Lastly here are some crazy instagram photos of my kiddos because no post can end with out some photo love.


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