3 minutes of waiting and hoping

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


My Husband doesn't share the same heartbreak that I do when it comes down to me not being pregnant yet. He laughs and makes some stupid comment while rolling his eyes. But I have pretty much cried all day about it.

Mainly because I really thought I was.

I knew instantly when I got pregnant with Wyatt. Literally, I went to bed that night had a very vivid dream about him. My mom was holding him and another brown haired baby in her lap and when I walked up to her she handed me a blonde hair 3 or 4 month old and said “Here Audrey, take your son.” I woke up and knew that I would be having a boy. Never doubt it.

(For a while I thought I was going to have twins because of the other baby my mom was holding but it turns out that it was my brothers son who is a few weeks older than Wyatt.)

Well for the passed couple of days I have being having dreams about 2 babies. One boy, one I am pretty sure is a girl but I cant quite tell yet. They are in a crib that's in Cody and I’s bed room they are crying. I hear them while I am laying in our bed and I get up and start to walk toward the crib but by the time I finally get to them I wake up.

Not only am I having dreams now, I also am having some symptoms. Like I have being tired a lot. Not just because I have been working crazy hours but like I cant grasp what is on my mind, I am forgetful and cant focus until I take a nap. I also having been eating in the morning more and craving breakfast all day. crying all the time and still no period but what I thought sealed the deal was how tender my boobs have been.

I feel like they have grown a whole cup size in the last couple of days and it hurts to wear a bra but even more so when I take it off. I cant brush by them with out it hurting.

Right, I have some symptoms. or I am just crazy?

So I finally decided that I was going to take another test. I even got one that clearly states pregnant or not pregnant just in case.

Well… 3 minutes of waiting and hoping

I was deny once again.

It was a big not pregnant

and I cried by self on the toilet.

I know I know, it could be too early to tell by those test and I know that with out really knowing when I am actually suppose to have a period that it could cause it to not show either. So I am going to wait a few more days or 3 as the insert in the test states and try again. And if it still shows that I am not pregnant I think I am going to make an appointment with the doctor to either see if 1. I am or 2. why I am not yet and why I haven't had a period yet either.


Why cant my baby come already?

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